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Technical Support IPTV
IPTV support

Steps to get the best results

  1. If you use Wi-Fi connection, check there are no other wifi device between your STB (iptv Box) and your router;
  2. The internet speed available for IPTV service must be greater than 15 Mbps: Make a speed test with your IPTV box;
  3. Do the first test without a router. Connect your box directly to the modem;
  4. Set the video output of your IPTV Box to 720p/50Hz
  5. Set the TV HDMI  input to 720p/50Hz

Follow the settings instructions according the system used:

Global TV Box

STB Emu (Android Box)

Note :  If you’re experiencing some loop problem and you are connected by Wi-Fi. Test your IPTV service by connecting your IPTV Box by an Ethernet cable..