MAC Address

MAC Address
Indirizzo MAC IPTV

Where find your MAC Address on your Set-top Box?

Amazon Fire Stick / Amazon Fire TV

Simply go to Settings > System > About > Network.

Avov Box

Turn your device on.
From home screen, go to Settings>Server setting
On the top right corner,you will see the MAC address.

Dreamlink T1 Box

On the Dreamonline, the MAC address is written in the top right corner.

iBox TV

Look on the box, the MAC address is written down under it or a side.

Nvidia Shield

To view your MAC address on the initial Wi-Fi setup page, holding the right shoulder button (R1)
-To view your MAC address after setup, go to: Settings > Device > Network > [Select Connected Network] > Status info on your SHIELD controller.

Samsung E-series

    1. Go to your TV’s menu and choose Network > Network Settings
    2. Choose Wireless for your connection type
    3. Choose to connect to your Wireless Router
    4. At this point, some Smart TVs will show you a screen with the Wireless MAC address.
    5. If not, go back to the Menu and choose Network > Network Status.

    If the above does not work, try the following steps:

    1. Go to Support
    2. Select Contact Samsung
    3. Select Product Information
    4. Press down key to see additional information, and the Wi-Fi MAC address should be listed.